16th of October 2016BioPak gives back

Rainforest Rescue saves more rainforest!

Another rainforest property has been protected and the globe celebrate World Cassowary Day. Kristin Canning from Rainforest Rescue talks through the latest benefits our 1% of profits donation in this blog post. By choosing BioPak products you are making a real difference!

Lot 32, Cape Tribulation Rd – pictured above – our 27th threatened property saved forever on September 1st

In saving Lot 32, an important wildlife corridor for Daintree fauna including the endangered cassowary was created. This property has extremely high conservation values of flora and fauna, and almost got bought from under our feet on the open market.

The significant funding from BioPak increases Rainforest Rescue's financial capacity in general to go out and buy threatened properties. So, you have helped us to save Lot 32, forever! This video details the importance of the rescue and shortly we will be planting trees on this very property which BioPak has funded.

World Cassowary Day (WCD) was bigger and louder than ever this year with not only the Rainforest Rescue team, but the entire Daintree Rainforest community, many states within Australia and the concerned global community all hosting information and events to raise funds and increase education for the Cassowary. A community fun day in the Daintree held market stalls, live music, and educational talks by experts including Rainforest Rescue's Julian Gray. On the way up there, Julian and the team saw 3 cassowaries! All ages were involved and thousands of miles away from the Daintree itself, NSW Kindergarteners joined in the spirit by drawing Cassowary pictures.

Rainbow bee eaters (Merops oranatus) have been seen in recent weeks near BioPak Conservation Fund’s Lot 46 Hectares, heading back down south to breed next month. They are often spotted and heard above the Daintree River and the rainforest canopy.

Rainforest Rescuer Dan Perlaki put his weed theories to the test in the Daintree recently, experimenting with some novel and environmentally friendly ways to get rid of some of the weeds that prevent rainforest restoration.

Thank you so very much for your support – none of these accomplishments would be possible with you – BioPak Conservation Fund and all your customers – you are our largest Partner.

Kristin Canning, Rainforest Resuce