21st of April 2017BioPak gives back

Rainforest Rescue update

Rainforest Rescue are looking for tree planting volunteers for Saturday 13 May.  Kristin Canning talks about the indigenous significance of the Daintree, how a young male Cassowary has been visiting the Daintree Native Nursery and how Nightwinds Seedlings have reach record heights in this blog.

Community Tree Planting Day
Joe and Rainforest Rescue’s newly appointed Ranger, Basil, have been busy preparing and propagating seedlings in the Nursery for the upcoming Community Tree Planting on Saturday, May 13th. Building on the success of last year’s event we’re looking to increase the number of seedlings planted to 2,000. Join!

The Indigenous significance of the Daintree
The Daintree lowland rainforest, along with the greater Daintree area, has a strong spiritual and cultural significance to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people.

"We are true rainforest people who live in harmony with our environment. We are part of it and it is part of us. Our culture has always involved a deep respect for nature and an intimate knowledge of its cycles.”
Kuku Yalanji Elder

These traditional owners of the land cover an area which stretches from Cooktown in the north to near Chillagoe in the west and Port Douglas in the South.

All of BioPak Conservation Fund’s hectares at Lot 46 are positioned at the foot of Thornton Peak, Queensland’s fourth highest mountain. Known by the Yalanji people as Wundu, the Peak has significant spiritual significance. BioPak’s investment has helped restore Lot 46 enormously, conserving an important and biodiverse rainforest site. In addition, it has helped protect a site of cultural significance.

Cassowary corridors connected
Further reinforcement that the work we do together with BioPak is indeed connecting existing and creating new wildlife corridors: When Rainforest Rescue CEO, Julian Gray, showed supporters our work in the Daintree this week they saw a dad and chick cassowary dipping in a creek. This is on the back of a recent visit of a young male to the Native Nursery – pictured below checking out all the propagated seedlings, securing his future food supply.

Nightwings seedlings reach record height
The rainforest seedlings planted only a short while ago at Nightwings have nearly reached a record height of 3 metres! They continue to thrive at the Mossman property thanks to BioPak Conservation Fund’s investment in regeneration. Julian and the team are very pleased to see these seedlings progressing so well on their journey to become strong and significantly established trees.

Thank you so very much for your support BioPak once again – none of these accomplishments would be possible without you!

Kristin Canning, Rainforest Rescue