02nd of June 2017BioPak news

The war on waste should be the battle to recycle

A BioCup is produced from sustainably sourced paper – for every tree consumed another is planted! It is coated with a plant-based waterproof material which has a carbon footprint up to 70% lower than regular plastic used to coat most other paper cups. At BioPak we measure and completely offset all carbon emissions at each stage of the life cycle of our products from raw materials, production, distribution and disposal. And BioCup’s can be recycled and composted.

Our mission is to produce packaging that does not contribute to global warming by removing the same amount of carbon that is emitted throughout the life cycle of our products and to responsibly utilise rapidly renewable sustainable resources in order to preserve and protect the planet for current and future generations.

ABC’s War on Waste series has raised awareness that we, as a country, have a tendency to irresponsibly
consume without thinking of the environmental or social consequences. It has also exposed a problem with
the recycling industry.

Paper coffee cups account for only 0.5% of the 3.2 million tons of paper consumed in Australia every year.
Currently Australians send around 1.7 million tons of recyclable paper to landfill, this includes 12,000 tons of
coffee cups. Compare Australia’s current 45% paper recycling rate to some countries achieving a 75% rate
and it’s clear to see we have a problem that is bigger than coffee cups.

There is also confusion about whether paper cups are recyclable or not. The claims that no paper cups are
recycled in Australia as presented in the War on Waste are simply not true.

Some recyclers say they will not accept paper cups as they are unable to separate the plastic from the paper
fibres, yet these very same companies accept paper milk and juice cartons which are made from the same
components as coffee cups – plastic coated paper board.

We have written in more detail on our blog Paper Cup Recycling – Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

Paper cup recyclers in Australia

We have compiled a list of councils who have confirmed to us in writing that they accept paper cups for recycling. The bioplastic lining on a BioCup actually dissolves during the repulping process and is easier to recycle compared to PE plastic coated cups.

The claim that coffee cups are recyclable has been confirmed by Planet Ark and The Australian Packaging Covenant.

We are part of an industry working group led by the Australian Packaging Covenant to find solutions to improve low paper cup recycling rates across Australia.

BioCups are also being composted in many commercial compost facilities across Australia. They are certified compostable by independent testing laboratories and will completely biodegrade in a commercial compost facility within 120 days. We have listed commercial composters who accept and successfully compost BioPak packaging materials including our BioCups and bioplastic lids.

Single use packaging provides a practical, cost effective and hygienic way to serve food to large crowds and people on the go. Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact associated with these products and to sustainably produce packaging that positively impacts humanity and the planet throughout its lifecycle.

The public awareness generated by the War on Waste will speed up the transition to the circular economy that we have been working to achieve since we first introduced BioCups in 2009.

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