19th of October 2016BioPak news

We've gone all natural

Natural is back: We are pleased to release a full suite of natural coloured sugarcane takeaway containers and bowls.

All our BioCane Takeaway Containers and Bowls are now available in natural

The benefit of sugarcane pulp containers is that they are made from a by-product of the sugar refining industry and they are compostable which makes diversion of organic waste from landfill an option. 

In 2011 about 1.8 billion tonnes of sugarcane was harvested worldwide, making it one of the world’s most abundant agricultural crops. After sugar extraction, the remaining fibrous stalks are either burned or converted into pulp. Manufacturing pulp from bagasse is the more favourable end-of-life option.

The new natural takeaway products are:

  • BioCane Bowls: 24oz32oz and 40oz bowls – sugarcane lids will be on sale in two months
  • BioCane Takeaway Containers: 280ml480ml, 630ml750ml and 1,000ml bases and lids 
  • BioCane Sauce Cups: 60ml cups available  in white 11 Nov. The natural arrive shortly with sugarcane pulp lids in white and natural

FSC® BioNapkins in natural
Our entire range comes in natural colour – cocktail, lunch, dinner and dispenser sizes. Including the much sort after Qilded Dinner BioNapkin. Buy now.

You can rest assured that these napkins are the most sustainable product on the market. All BioPak napkins are made using either sugarcane pulp or FSC® certified pulp content.

FSC® Wooden BioCutlery
Our FSC® certified Birchwood BioCutlery is the perfect match for our new natural products. See all sizes here.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is the industry benchmark for sustainably managed wood and wood products. BioPak’s wooden cutlery is an alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. The beautifully crafted range is a stylish, affordable, eco-friendly choice for your next picnic, office or dinner party, special event, wedding, or in your cafe or restaurant!