10th of October 2017BioPak news

What it means to be a B corp

We are pleased to officially join the global community of forward-thinking companies adapting to a more socially conscious business world.

More than just the ability to now put the B Corp stamp on our products and marketing collateral, it gives customers the assurance that we practice what we preach, and makes our commitment to social good tangible whilst strengthening our brand reputation as the leading sustainable packaging company in the region.

BioPak was founded in 2006 (the same year as B Lab) with a mission to address the environmental impact of single-use disposable packaging made from durable plastic derived from fossil resources.

Incorporating the triple bottom line of people planet profits into the business DNA from the get-go provided us with an indisputable competitive advantage in an established industry.

With our focus on developing and promoting sustainable plant-based packaging solutions, we have, in the space of 10 years, disrupted an industry. What initially appealed only to a small community of like-minded environmentally aware businesses has now become mainstream and from being the only supplier of compostable packaging all competitors in this space now offer a range of plastic alternatives.

BioPak was founded on the very same principles that are part of the B Corp declaration of interdependence. We practice what we preach, we lead by example, we care about people and the planet and through our products, practices, and profits we aspire to do no harm and benefit all.

In an industry rife with false and misleading environmental claims, being a certified B Corp provides consumers with a level of trust with regards to the ethos of the business. As a leader in sustainable food service packaging, we are always looking to raise the bar and we hope that our B Corp certification inspires and motivates others in our industry to follow suit.